Reddit writing prompt: Good Boy, Bad Man

I am Boy. I am a Dog. I love my Human so much.

Human is Good Man, even though I am often Bad Dog.

“Bad Dog!” he screams at me, kicking me in the side.

“I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry,” I bark, but he does not understand.

“Shut up!” Then, he hits me. This is how I learn to never chew on shoes, even though they look so much like my rubber toys.

“Bad Dog!” he yells. It hurts when he slaps my head.

I should know better. I am not supposed to chase Cat, but I do; I cannot help it. She taunts me with her fluffy tail and bats me on my nose when Human isn’t looking. She never gets in trouble, but I do. Continue reading Reddit writing prompt: Good Boy, Bad Man